HPE 350
Exercise Physiology I - Article Critique

Edinboro University of PA

Spring 2020

Articles must be chosen from the "popular press" and on the basis of its application to exercise physiology and must be approved by the instructor. The article needs to be from December 2019 or later,.....nothing earlier.

A copy of the article must be submitted along with the critique.

APA style is recommended for this paper.

The paper must be typed.

The paper must be a minimum of 1 full page, double-spaced with the font size no larger than 12 point. All margins should be limited to a maximum of one inch.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Be certain to cite all references and quotes, so as to not pass off the ideas or writing as your own. This includes text from an abstract, body of the article, conclusions and recommendations, or another student’s paper. Anyone caught plagiarizing will receive a 0 for the assignment and be punished to the full extent permitted by university policy.

 Late papers will not be accepted.

Grading Rubric:          

Summation of the article-Keep it short! 5 points
Analysis of the article (strengths/weaknesses) 10 points
Application of the data to a teaching/coaching/clinical setting-
(Apply this to your degree track/job)
15 points
Student recommendations- What should be done with this information?    10 points
Article Critique format   10 points

The following are sample names of journals that are acceptable for the article critique:

Newsweek                    Time                  Popular mechanics     U.S. News and World Reports

Runner's World             Prevention         Muscle and Fitness

The following are sample names of journals that are NOT acceptable for the article critique: 

Sports Medicine                                   Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

American Journal of Cardiology             Journal of the American Medical Association

Physician and Sports Medicine