HPE 350
Exercise Physiology I - Presentation Schedule & Topics


HPE 350 Exercise Physiology I

Spring 2020

   Name             Presentation Date         Topic

Quinn 4/22 Motivating PE students
Alex 4/22 Resistance training for bodybuilders
Savannah 4/22 Post knee replacement rehab
Tyler 4/24 Tetralogy of fallot
Jacob H 4/24 Compartment syndrome
Alicia 4/24 Overreaching and overtraining
Tiana 4/27 Iontophoresis
Caleb 4/27 KT tape and exercise - fact or fiction
Jacob O 4/27 Safety and weight management for wrestlers
Jackie 4/29 Elementary vs high school exercise physiology
Samuel 4/29 Cross training and sports

Modified 3/29/2020