HPE 350
Exercise Physiology - Presentation Guidelines


HPE 350 Exercise Physiology

Spring 2020


 All students (i.e. Exercise Science majors, coaching minors, etc.) must complete a lesson plan or presentation outline/plan using this guideline. USE THIS ONLY AS A GUIDE!  It should be submitted on the day of the presentation in "hard copy" format.

Include enough detail so that a co-worker could use your lesson plan to teach or present the material in your absence (theoretically speaking)



Specific Objectives:  What are your goals or objectives for the people in the audience to learn from your presentation.

For Teacher Certification students only: Be certain to include cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. Include  NASPE/SHAPE-2013, INTASC,  and PA State standards. NASPE-2013 and INTASC for Teacher Cert. and PA for non-teacher cert standards are found as a link form my webpage under "Knowledge Repository".

Anticipatory Set:This is your attention grabber. Avoid using the same old question of ,... " how many of you ....?" Be creative and excited about your topic. If you are interested in the presentation , the others will be too.

Step-By-Step Procedures or methods: Be specific. This section should include enough detail that if a co-worker needed to do this presentation on your behalf, he/she would have enough information to do so.


Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): What adaptations would you use for students with disabilities?

Teaching session length will be 13 minutes. This may change depending on enrollment in the class.  The final amount of time for the lesson will be set at least 2 weeks before the first presentation. It is each student's responsibility to come to class early enough to set up your lesson so that we start promptly at 10 am. It is best if all presenters can get the presentations loaded before the first person starts.  Assume all lessons are being taught to a senior high class or public group with the same educational level or higher.